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Are you looking to boost your business and reach a targeted audience of expats in Hefei effectively and instantly? Look no further! Our tailored advertising services are designed to connect you with 90% of expats in Hefei with maximum impact.

**Basic Promotion:**

- Reach out to potential customers by sharing your advertisement to 6 active WeChat groups frequented by expats.

- Gain visibility by showcasing your ad on our WeChat Moment, ensuring it reaches a wide audience of engaged users.


- Elevate your promotional efforts with our booster package, which includes basic promotion benefits plus direct messaging to our extensive network of 6000+ contacts on WeChat. Get your message directly into the hands of potential customers for maximum exposure and engagement.


- Take your advertising campaign to the next level with our premium package:

  - Feature your business prominently with an AD banner on our website, capturing the attention of visitors seek

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